About Us




If it takes a month to complete a project, we spend over half of that time on planning and designing. Our iterative creation process focuses entirely on consumer needs and desires. We devise prototypes, test them for design specifications, such as functionality, durability and versatility, and reiterate until we reach the perfect result. Each end product is thus a result of cross discipline collaboration; long debates on design decisions, switching back and forth between the workshop table and drawing board.


Wood Working

Internet On Furniture started out in 2015 and it quickly grew from Kagan’s childhood passion project to a well-established workshop. Today, our woodworking atelier joins talents of interior designers, woodworkers, mechanical, electrical and software engineers. Every project you see on our website starts and ends in this atelier, and has input from many brilliant minds. We source the best quality woods locally, and are always on the hunt for the best materials. We choose to elevate the simple elegance of our wood, rather than downplay it with varnishes and invasive restructuring.



Since we include movement on nearly every custom furniture we create, mechanics is an integral part of what we do. We first work on a structural model with simple wiring, motors/engines and dynamics. Once we are certain about the efficiency of the system, this model goes to our engineer for further optimization. Then, we test the mechanism in its intended place on the furniture – this is the most nerve wracking yet satisfactory moments of our work.


Electronics & Coding

To control movement and light on custom made furniture that comes out from our woodworking atelier, we initially tried to adapt basic Arduino elements and cards to our desired functions. We evolved from basic electronic functions and coding to advanced IoT(Internet Of Things). Now, we design/map our own electronic cards, control these cards on smart phone apps hosted over the cloud and code all the pathways.


Where Does It Go

Building on our love for woodworking and refreshing knowledge of mechanics, we have developed our electronics capabilities to sophisticated levels. This unique combination birthed the first suite of products we create, that is custom made furniture controlled via smartphones. Today, IoF apps are able to control nearly everything in your house. The future for our company lies in controlled environments, smart homes, and AI integrated systems that all work to better the human condition through technology. We can’t wait to take you along on this journey to a connected future.