Serendipity Collection

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Internet on Furniture started out in 2015, quickly growing from a side project to a well-established workshop. Today, our woodworking atelier joins the talents of interior designers, woodworkers, mechanical, electrical and software engineers. Every project you see on our website starts and is finished in our atelier.

Electronics & Coding

We have evolved from basic electronic functions and coding to advanced Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. Now, we design and map our own electronic cards (i.e, the ‘brain’ embedded into our products), and control these cards over our smartphone app (IoF Control) through Bluetooth - and develop the software that supports and connects our systems, in-house.


To reduce our carbon footprint, we strive to source our materials locally, and process wood only to increase its longevity. It is estimated that 50-80% of the mass of unprocessed wood is carbon dioxide, absorbed during its life. Compared to mass produced furniture, our production sequesters carbon dioxide for longer - given that disposing of furniture releases large amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.